ManyBuild Investor Update #5

It’s been a while and we have had a lot to do over the past few months as we worked out how to best position ManyB

October 28, 2021

RVC Hyper Accelerator, Risks and Value Proposition

Future Investors!

It’s been a while and we have had a lot to do over the past few months as we worked out how to best position ManyBuild Inc for a successful launch.

Here is a quick timeline of events these last few months to get you back up to speed:
December: ManyBuild applies to the RVC Hyper Accelerator 2019 WATCH APPLICATION VIDEO

January: ManyBuild gets accepted into the RVC Hyper Accelerator 2019 WATCH PITCH VIDEO

January — May: ManyBuild works on addressing RVCs top 3 concerns READ REPORT

Adoption Risk — solution: new value proposition and a subcontractor focussed marketing campaign to get sign-ups
Technology Risk— solution: found local development team and implemented JIRA with the help of our new COO Stefan Norton
Execution Risk— solution: another year older and another year wiser! we are executing on a simpler product and clearly defined value proposition. WATCH MARKETING VIDEOS

Where we are at today:
New working BETA based on our value proposition that is being tested in-house with real-world projects queued up for when we launch

Currently, have a “Frankenstein” version of our platform hacked together from existing software such as: Airtable, ActiveCampaign, and Twillio that we are using to on-board subcontractors and connect them to construction projects.

Through our “Frankenstein” version we sent out 5 real projects to our growing network of subcontractors SEE E-MAILS AND PROJECT WRITE-UPS

Promising results from our marketing campaign that we are excited to share and dive deeper into next month

Goals for this month:
1. Launch version 1.0 of our BETA marketplace
2. Get 5 subcontractors to complete 100% of their registration on the website
3. Send out 2 projects through our BETA marketplace
4. Process and award the first bid through our marketplace

Our team has a lot of work ahead and we are excited to become the most trusted construction platform in the world.

So strap-in, and lock-in as we get ready to ride this rocketship of a startup journey 🚀