ManyBuild Investor Update #6:

Facebook Marketing Campaign Launch and First Projects Awarded 🏆

October 28, 2021

Facebook Marketing Campaign Launch and First Projects Awarded 🏆

From left to Right: Carlos JFD Construction, Alejandro Founder ManyBuild and Ever JFD Construction

Goals from last month:
1. Continued iteration on our marketplace — done, you can check it out here: (pending some U/I and UX improvements together with some branding)

2. Last month we set a goal of 5 completed signups. Our developers have instead engineered a method to automate close to 300 pre-beta customers at our next milestone this week.

3. Send out 2 projects through our BETA marketplace — THIS MONTH REPORT: Exceeded our goal of 2 by sending out 11 projects.

4. Process and award the first bid through our marketplace — THIS MONTH’S REPORT Achieved , awarded a $4,000 bathroom remodel through our platform with 2 more projects being awarded this month.

Where we are at today:

This quarter our Facebook advertising campaign has driven considerable growth to the ManyBuild platform. Our ad spend remains small as we iterate through our marketing strategy. This past quarter, we have acquired 356 users with our most efficient ad generating 183 users at a ($3.38 cost per lead). To keep pace with the increased call volume we have on-boarded two new Subject Matter Experts (SME) to continue the conversations with users. These conversations have been instrumental in validating our pricing and our subscription-based business model. We are continuing to synthize customer validation data and will have more to report in our next update

We have also identified 3 key new hires for ManyBuild and another advisor/partner
1. Designer/Programmer (+1)
. Subcontractor Sales Team (+2)
. Builder/General Contractor Sales Team (+1)

4. Multi-Family Real Estate Developer (+1)

Goals for this month:
1. Onboard and get all 356 leads registered on our platform
2. Award more construction project through our platform
3. Collect a subscription payment

actual footage of me trying to handle calls on my own
THANK YOU to our sales team for coming to the rescue

Our team has a lot of work ahead and we are excited to become the most trusted construction platform in the world.

So strap-in, and lock-in as we get ready to ride this rocketship of a startup journey 🚀