ManyBuild Investor Update #7

We officially become a “post-revenue” company 🥂🎉

October 28, 2021

We officially become a “post-revenue” company 🥂🎉

We are processing our subscription payments through Stripe

Last month was a huge milestone as we officially become a “post-revenue” company 🥂🎉

Goals from last month:
1. Onboard and get all 356 leads registered on our platform — Completed now the work begins to increase engagement. More metrics to come next month.
2. Award more construction project through our platform — Completed ManyBuild members have been awarded over $150,000 worth of contracts. Six additional members are currently in negotiation for even more work.
3. Collect a subscription payment — Exceeded ManyBuild has successfully processed 4 subscriptions payment for a membership that includes access to our marketplace.

Talent we acquired last month:

1. Software Designers and Programmers — Peter Taggart, Damon Chivers, and Jared Stromberg
. Subcontractor Membership Sales Team — Jose Rivera, Rob Ochoa, and Diana Maldonado
. General Contractor & Project Lea Generation Team — Riley Reist

4. Multi-Family Real Estate Development Advisor — Levi Wright
5. Chief of Operations: Stefan Norton
6. Co-Founder & Real Estate Private Equity Advisor: Ben Maxwell
7. Founder: Alex Lovera

We have grown this team over the past two months because we are unified in the belief that the current construction lead generation and bidding model is broken.

We have confirmed this key ManyBuild hypothesis and the current construction lead generation business model is ripe for disruption.

These big corporations are sacrificing their own user base through price gouging, charging users per lead, selling them “inappropriate products” that subcontractors don’t understand and taking money in exchange for nothing more than a promise that comes in the form of an unvetted lead.

This problem only compounds when working with the predominantly Spanish speaking subcontractor community.

That is why ManyBuild has decided to become a community forward platform and we will achieve this by focussing on:

- Providing detailed project information that respects and empowers the tradesperson to compete on a leveled playing field for bidding.
- A stable fixed-fee monthly membership cost model
- Translation from English to Spanish, and Spanish to English because translation speeds up the decision-making process.
- Business support service add-ons such as LLC registration, and insurance application processing. By caring for our users business’ we are also caring for the community we are building.

Goals for Next Month:
Unified Branding on Company website to showcase our team; marketplace; road map and customer stories.
2. Double our subscription revenue.
3. Assist one of our users by selling them one of our business support service add-ons.
4. Expand corporate capability: deploy Enterprise Unified Communication (including business phone lines) to respond to increased call volume, drive engagement, and continued scale