ManyBuild Investor Update #8

This past month we attended Denver Startup Week and it was great to re-connect with everyone in the Denver startup

October 28, 2021

We attended Denver Startup Week

This past month we attended Denver Startup Week and it was great to re-connect with everyone in the Denver startup community.

It was also a great way for us to look back at the progress we have made as a company since Denver Startup Week roughly marks our one year anniversary when we started getting our amazing team together to launch ManyBuild.

Goals from last month:
Unified Branding on Company website to showcase our team; marketplace; road map and customer stories — Completed: check out our website
2. Double our subscription revenue — Exceeded by almost 10x
3. Assist one of our users by selling them one of our business support service add-ons.- Exceeded: we helped three of our users with logo, job permitting and company licensing.
4. Expand corporate capability: deploy Enterprise Unified Communication (including business phone lines) to respond to increased call volume, drive engagement, and continued scale— Completed: we have deployed HeyMarket for SMS management and Microsoft Teams for phone lines

We are processing our subscription payments through Stripe.
Check out this past month’s metrics⬇⬇⬇

Current Stripe Metrics

vs. Last email update metrics⬇⬇⬇

Previous Stripe Metrics

Our team continues to grow:

1. Software Designers and Founding Programmers — Peter Taggart, Jared Stromberg, +1 Juan Juarez

2. Subcontractor Membership Founding Sales Team — Jose Rivera, Rob Ochoa, Diana Maldonado, +1 Carla Calandreli

3. Multi-Family Real Estate Development Advisor — Levi Wright, +1 John Lucero

5. Chief of Operations: Stefan Norton

6. Co-Founder & Real Estate Private Equity Advisor: Ben Maxwell

7. Founder: Alejandro Lovera

We preparing to open the opportunity for investment in our company and would like your valuable feedback on our pitch deck: ManyBuild Investor Pitch deck

Our Ask This Week: Please respond with your introductions to investors interested in Early Stage capital companies as we are quickly reaching our limit for the upcoming seed round.

Some have thoughtfully asked us how they should introduce ManyBuild Inc. If you would like you can use the following statement:

“Our company Manybuild inc is creating a fully integrated construction marketplace that empowers the builder community connecting people to projects faster by analyzing and translating all of the construction project information.”

Goals for Next Month:
Expand our Builder network beyond our 3 current strategic partners for job leads.
2. Create a landing page for project leads and subcontractor leads on our company website.
3. Meet with VCs and Angel Investors in Colorado.
4. Complete TechStars Boulder Accelerator Application.
5. Create internal company training videos for continued scaling and edit our customer success story videos for our marketing campaigns.
6. Author robust software documentation including codified design and architecture specifications.
7. Acquire office space for our expanding sales team and growing software team.