MB Happy Holidays & Updates 🎇

Spreading holiday cheer and the good word of ManyBuild

Alejandro Lovera
December 28, 2022
Investor Updates

Happy holidays from the ManyBuild team!  

As the year comes to an end, we still managed to get some sales closed during the holiday festivities, and made progress on our product with our overseas dev team!  

Goals accomplished:

Product Goal: We completed our first payment through the mobile app using Stripe in a sandbox testing environment.

Marketing Goal: Our Facebook marketing campaign in Miami, Austin, Nashville, and Denver resulted in over 886 lead form submissions. Our new sales team had over 1,671 phone call conversations, adding 22 new private lenders and 216 downloads to our mobile app (total beta downloads now at 1,400).

Operational Goal: We completed our fix-and-flip system and construction consulting program, allowing us to manually help users with access to contractors, lenders, and guides to successfully complete their real estate investment projects.

Revenue Goal: Closed (1) $12k sale for lifetime access to the manybuild fix-n-flip system: access crews, lender referrals for financing, construction guides and contract templates.

Earned $6,125 for (2) properties referred to our whole sellers through ManyBuild

Earned $6,220 for (2) private loans referred to our lenders through ManyBuild

Earned $2,700 for (1) full remodel referred to our contractors through ManyBuild

= total earnings for December: $27,045


Next Goals for the Company:

Product Goal: We will complete our Stripe Connect integration and API, test payments, implement new designs and workflows for sign-up and project creation.

Marketing Goal: We will re-launch our online ad campaign with a focus in Denver and Nashville as our lead costs are lowest and network are strongest there at the moment.

Operational Goal: We will formalize additional partnerships with private lenders, material vendors, and architects in order to continue collecting success fees.

Revenue Goal: Remains the same: earn $50k in fees in a month (to-date our largest month has now been $27,045.00).  


Remains the same: intro to anybody that has built a payment process before?

Remains the same: intro to anybody in private lending?


Jerimiah and Dave are going back to school (not really) - ManyBuild will pay for them to take their Loan Originator exams and licensing, which will allow us to take a large share of loan closing fees.

Gage is going modular and solar - with his background in door-to-door roofing sales, he will be uncovering leads for new Additional Dwelling Unit projects and solar sales, allowing ManyBuild to connect contractors with ready-to-go construction projects.

Alex has always sought a better way forward for the builders he worked with everyday.